What is microblading?

Microblading is an extremely detailed and artistic process that takes around two hours to complete. A fine blade is used to create natural hair like strokes to the eyebrow, while depositing pigments into the epidermis. The procedure is designed to last up to two years before beginning to fade. Technicians must be well trained, insured and certified in the state of Colorado.


The appointment:

To begin, we will apply a topical numbing cream to the brow area to minimize discomfort. Then we will color match pigment customized to the client. Next we will begin the process of designing the perfect brow for the client. Once the brows and the shape is drawn, we will consult with the client and make any changes requested. Before the microblading process begins, we will go over any questions the client has from the release form and aftercare handout. After 15-20 minutes the brows will be completely numb and the procedure will begin.

The microblading process will last about 45 minutes. During this time, a second topical anesthetic liquid is applied 2-4 times, keeping the process as comfortable as possible with as little discomfort necessary. Once the procedure is complete, we will show the client their new brows and make any adjustments and additions necessary.

At the end of the the appointment, a follow up “touchup” appointment will be set 4-6 weeks following the first appointment.

Voila - You can toss that brow pencil in the trash because you will wake up with perfect brows!


  • 20 minute Consultation - $50 deposit that will go toward the microblading service

  • Brow design and procedure (includes the first touch up) - $450 after the $50 consultation/deposit fee ($500 total)

  • Additional touch up post 4-6 week touchup procedure: within 2 year color boost *for existing clients only - $150

  • After 2 years a consultation is required to evaluate if another full brow procedure is needed.


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