The Five Minute Face

Raquel Turner

We see the sun peeking out more each day so naturally we all can start to come out of hibernation. We want to help you get out the door faster so you can enjoy the sunshine as much as possible.

We’ve got some great tips to get your face from naked to fabulous in just 5 minutes flat.

First, we want to get your face as fresh as possible. You can book yourself a facial with us to renew your skin after the dry winter. The healthier your skin, the less makeup you’ll need!

Every good makeup routine starts with foundation, and we recommend a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Sun protection is a must, especially in Colorado where we are so close to the sun. One of our favorites is the IE tinted moisturizer that you can find here in our studio for just $24!

Don’t forget that healthy skin requires less makeup and this tinted moisturizer will give you light, layerable coverage. Give your skin a nice healthy glow as it effortlessly evens out your skin tone. Headed out on the town later? Just dust on some powder for a polished, full coverage look.

Now grab a tinted balm. Drop by the studio to pick up our favorite shade from Henne - Azalea for a fresh and sun kissed look. Application is as easy as using your fingertips on the apple of your cheek and lips for a subtle glow.

Of course, any completed look needs full lashes and a clean brow. We’ve got ya covered.

Here at Mooi, we offer microblading for brows, a permanent makeup that can easily save you 10-15 minutes in your morning routine. If the permanency of microblading isn’t your cup of tea, we also offer both a brow tint service (that will last you around a week) and brow henna (which can last up to four weeks).

For your lashes, consider a lash lift. This is a semi-permanent curl for your natural lash, helping your eyes look wide open and waking up the entire face. Add on a tint service to darken your lashes for even more definition, and you’ve just saved yourself even more time, eliminating your eye lash curler, and honestly even your mascara.

You can book all these services here at the studio. We’d love to chat with you about which services are the best options for the look you’re hoping to achieve. We can’t wait to save you some time this summer.